Are you ready to stop spinning, get clear and earn what you’re worth?

Hey, You...

You’re talented and have a good head on your shoulders. You’re motivated. Smart. And passionate about what you do for others.

But you don’t trust yourself to know the "right" things to do to get the results you want. Because you’ve tried everything the gurus and coaches have told you to do. Yet you’re still having trouble getting your business off the ground.

If you want guidance from a seasoned entrepreneur who’s played a hand in the launch of
over 100 businesses - and is known for restoring your self-trust to do things your way - Evolve might be right for you.

This is the program I wish I had when I started my business because I...

  • Coulda spent more time playing, sleeping and vacationing. And avoided 2 ½ years to get over my embarrassment and disappointment for feeling “ripped off” by my guru coaches who I spent ridiculous amounts of money with.
  • Shoulda maintained my power and confidence. And spent less time working, worrying and wallowing as a result of pursuing so many marketing strategies that went against my better judgement and didn’t yield results.
  • Woulda made more money, more quickly and piled up less debt. And avoided so many moments of panic and feeling bad about myself.

I love seeing women like Anne Marie Segal (video below) avoid that level of pain with their ventures...

Stop spinning. Start evolving.

Don’t shoehorn yourself into a business model that doesn’t factor in your wants and values. Don’t pigeonhole yourself in order to mimic what the gurus are doing. Don’t negotiate with yourself to justify staying in the spin cycle.

You deserve better. And so do the clients out there waiting to meet you.

Similar to Lee Murphy-Wolf who's invested in plenty of coaching programs, but none that created the quick start she experienced with Evolve...

You can see we’re not talking about evolving in the gradual, millions-of-years, ape-to-man sort of way.

This is a different kind of evolution. One that’s accelerated. One that will get you immediate results that move you closer toward how you want to lead your life:

  • Not having to ask yourself, "Can I afford this (purse / dinner / course / yoga membership)?"
  • Being involved with your kids lives and activities... guilt free
  • Having CHOICES, CONFIDENCE and TRUST in yourself and your life again
  • I’m a cut-to-the-quick, straight talker and have a gift for simplifying complex things. (And boy, do entrepreneurs have a lot of complications and complexity that factor into business!)

Evolve Accelerator gets you really clear about what you want your business to do for you. You use this foundation to unify all of the moving parts in your life and your business. And that, in turn, triggers focused actions to get the results you want.

No more dabbling in disconnected activities and tactics. Pure focus.

    Like Martha Zlatar who has extreme clarity and is happy to be playing a bigger game...

That's why I created...

You may notice there’s no “BUY NOW” button on this page.

That’s because this mentorship is not for everyone. I need to interview you first. Because we’re an intimate group of 6 women who are together for six months and we cover a lot of ground, I’m incredibly selective about who makes the cut. I don’t want 6 months to feel like 6 years for any of us!

This might be for you if you…

  • Have boobs. Sorry fellas, moobs don’t count.
  • Run a service business – such as a coach, consultant, advisor, healer, trainer, speaker, author
  • Are a smart cookie who has a million ideas, but you know you’re getting in your own way – which is why you’re not as far along as you thought you’d be by now
  • Know that you are willing and worthy of earning an additional $5,000-10,000 more each month than your current results reflect
  • Feel called to create change in our world – but are tired of trying to put together the pieces for a profitable business on your own
  • Want to shake that feeling of isolation, have a giving heart and value the support of a tight-knit community
  • Agree that business can be fun – and you have a sense of humor (an absolute must to work with me)

It’s definitely not for you if you are…

  • A network marketer or primarily sell physical products. Nothing against you… this simply isn’t designed with you in mind
  • Seeking a one-size-fits-all business model and sales scripts – with no regard for what YOU want for yourself or your perfect peeps
  • A flake who doesn’t honor your commitments
  • A whiner, taker, victim &/or manipulator
  • NOT an action taker, involved, curious, or committed to your success

Still with me? Good. I want to get to know you. Please provide some details about your business and what you’re looking to achieve by filling out the application below.

Apply for Evolve Accelerator

with Carolyn Herfurth

Apply for an interview for the next Accelerator group.

1. Get yourself in the cue for an interview by clicking here to complete the application.

2. I’ll personally review your response and if it makes sense to explore whether this Accelerator is right for you, we’ll shoot you a note about scheduling a personal interview.

3. If we are a good fit for each other, we waste no time identifying specific actions you can pursue to generate additional income now.  Yes, before our group officially begins, you'll have the opportunity to snag a bonus private Money Momentum session where I find immediate revenue opportunities to bring you more clarity, calm and cash.

Want proof? Check out the quick results a few Accelerator clients have gotten:

  • Vanessa got 7 new clients in one week, plus landed her first corporate client
  • Deborah signed 6 new clients in one week
  • Laurie signed 29 clients in 2 weeks
  • Heather created a consistent monthly revenue stream by filling a brand new program in just 3 weeks
  • Winnie made a $1200 sale within 3 days of her Money Momentum session

And whether you’re right for this mentorship program or not, I’ll give you my honest Carolyn-ized perspective about what I see in your business and do my best to recommend alternate resources to you so you get what you need to grow.

It's your turn. Apply now by clicking the green button below. I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Accelerator. Activator. Adventurer.

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I'm All About Getting You Results

Carolyn Herfurth
Business + Sales Coach

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you how much I love inspiring self-trust in women.

Whether you call it my passion, my brilliance or my obsession – you’re right.

As an activator and accelerator, I'm fiercely dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take charge of their lives through their businesses. No more trying to squeeze into one-size-fits-none business blueprints. No, way!

I love helping business owners create sustainable, successful businesses you love - by honoring your instincts to give - while developing the know-how to consistently receive what you're worth.

I believe that life is short and business is tricky, so dare you to find and live YOUR truth!

* Psssst.... Fellas, if you've got balls and like my view on business, you're welcome to complete the application to interview. There will be a day I start a mens or co-ed group for Evolve. Or perhaps we explore private coaching. Either way, don't shy away from reaching out to me.